A Late Night Edition of Sunday Flicks

Hey all,

It's a late post but I really really really want to keep up with my flick reviews. I just love movies to death! I'm such a film junkie...@_@

For this post I recommend "The Banquet" or (USA Title) "The Legend of the Black Scorpion" Which seems like two different meanings. I really don't know why they changed the International Title. Personally I much prefer "The Banquet" It make more sense when you see the movie.

This is a fantastic Chinese Film starring Zhang Zi Yi (Memoirs of a Geisha). Other chinese actors include You Ge, Daniel Wu, and Xun Zhou, who aren't known in the USA that well, but are fantastic actors.

Set in ancient China, this story is loosely based on Shakespears Hamlet, which reminicse many of the characters and plots, following the Chinese Imperial family. After the Emperor's brother (You Ge) murders him and takes the throne. The crown Prince (Daniel Wu) comes home to seek revenge. While the Empress (Zi Yi Zhang) has her own agenda in the plot for revenge. Full of intrigue, romance, drama, it's beautifully shot with lyrical martial arts, theatrical costumes, and jaw dropping set designs. If you've watch a lot of Chinese films, this kind of film with love, revenge and backstabbing in the Imperial family is pretty common, but I think this movie, for old and new comers is a beautiful sight to see.
I can say for sure it's very artistically filmed. Did I mention the gorgeous costumes????

Rated R for Violent Scenes.

For more info check out IMDB

The International Trailer from YOUTUBE (jaw dropping)

And some images to wet your appetite:

An Arthur Rackham Original Print???

It's been a couple days since a post...yea, I'm a very busy body...been practicing how to paint digitally once I'm satisfied with it I'll post it up, but so far so good for a first timer!

I discovered a new favorite artist! Well it's new for me, you might know him already. His name is Arthur Rackham, an English Book Illustrator. And after a few hours of scouring the internet for his illustrations, I admit I'm hooked onto his art work.

I read a blog someone posted and realized I had recently bought a print that had the exact same style. Well after looking him up on the internet I found that I own an Arthur Rackham print! Whoa! I bought it while I was traveling around Europe this past fall. I happen to stumble across an Antique Print Shop in London. Don't ask me where, the streets are crazy there! I just came across the shop by accident, and happy one at that. Browse around and fell in love with this children's illustration litho of Queen Mab from Peter Pan. I knew I wanted something very "English", so I thought what could be more English then Peter Pan?

My Pretty Print!

Here's some other illustrations by him...

The question for me is, is this an authentic original 1908 print? Who can tell these days...I would like to think so. The store that I bought it from look reputable enough. I asked where they get their prints, they replied from auctions and old books editions. Eh...I wasn't really hunting for any sort of artist. This piece just speaks to me. I love the art nouveau feel and well I just wanted a piece of England...

Oh and here's an update on my sketchy sketch. I went back to the MET for some down time. Sat there for hours sketching happily, while museum goers looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing.
I find it funny how people pretend to walk casually next to you as if to walk to somewhere important and then sneak a glance when they think you don't know. I had a lot of that, some of the bolder ones complimented me, which made me happy to know that I'm on the right track...

Hope to finish this soon....long way to go tho, still in it's rough stages.

Ok enough of my blathering. I was just very excited today...

Just mulling around? It's Time For Sunday Flicks!

Mulling around on Sundays after a fun Saturday or if you have an after party hangover? Pop in a movie! I love watching films, especially ones with breathtaking art and cinematography. A lot of the time it inspire me with ideas.

For this Sunday, I highly recommend "THE FALL" starring pushings daisies actor Lee Pace and child actress Catinca Untaru. The story is about a 1920s Hollywood stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) who lands in the hospital after a stunt gone wrong, partially paralyzing him from the waist down. Not only that, he is in distress after losing his girlfriend to the lead actor. He then meets Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a sweet young girl, who has a broken arm due to falling while picking oranges, hence the title "The Fall". Due to her innocent nature, he befriends her and tells a story about 5 bandits and 1 mystic who all have one common goal, to kill the oppressing and evil Governor Odieous. While gaining her trust and enchanting her with his story, he secretly tricks her to obtaining morphine for him so that he can commit suicide.

Here's the official trailer you can check out on YOUTUBE

My only real beef with this movie was the lack of motivation for Roy to commit suicide, as it is only hinted about his troubles. I would've liked to see some more back story into his character, but the visuals alone makes you forget about all that. The cinematography is aw inspiring with REAL backdrops. Yep, these are real places that you are looking at. There is hardly any Computer Graphics involved. Rate R for some violence, which I really didn't find all that violent. I've seen PG-13 movies more violent then this one.

For more info check out: IMDB

Welp I'm off to Sketch...Tune in to Next Sunday Flicks! ^_^

Sketched some God Awful Drawings!

But that's ok...I promised that I would sketch at least once a day. So far so good! I'm posting it all here, the good, the bad, and the very worse! Cover your eyes I'm afraid that it'll burn them.

I did a very quick 5 min sketch and then try to immediately spot the mistakes I've made. And there are...A LOT! *sigh* speediness is not my strong suite

Also did a quick sketch of a tiger late at night

I've figured I need to really get into the mood to have a decent sketch. That's it for today, I'm off to watch my fav show Stargate. @_@ The geekie geek that I am. I can't believe their canceling the show this year!!! :(

Arghhh...The good shows are always put in the dumpsters.

Getting the Ball Rolling! Chronicling My Journey To Becoming a Better Artist

Day 2...

Started sketching to get my inspiration going.

Went to my fav place the Metropolitan Museum to join other fellow sketchers.

Sketches from the MET: (Unfinished but, I'm gonna go back soon when the weather is slightly above freezing!)

Also started a digital painting 2 days ago. It sucks I know, I had no idea how extremely difficult it is to draw with a WACOM tablet until I've tried. I'll keep working on it. Critiques are welcome from everyone!

First Post! Chronicling My Journey To Becoming a Better Artist...

Ah blogging...it's the thing that I've avoided after all this time. Not because I hate it, but because what's there to write about??? I've tried starting a blog TWICE and twice it has failed miserably. But now I have two reasons and it's gonna be my New Years resolutions.

1. This blog is going to help me push to become a better digital artist, and ultimately a better artist in general. My best friend and I were chatting in a diner, she told me about this amazing thread at ConceptArt.org entitled "Journey of an Absolute Rookie" About a guy that was an absolute newbie in art and become pro in just a year. The really amazing thing was that he posted his progression for all to see. From his rookie sketches to his master paintings. Not being shy about it and having a lot of encouragement from fellow forum members, he achieved his goal.

It's awe inspiring and it's a story that I think everyone should learn from with anything that they pursue, not just in art.

You can read his posts here: "Journey of an Absolute Rookie"

It touched me so much, I'm gonna start posting my own artwork and progression, pushing myself to be better, instead of giving the lame excuse I always give. Hopefully I can achieve it.

Example: I did a noobie piece of Padme from Star Wars. Then another one to see if I progressed. What will happen in another 3 years???

2. I've also started an etsy shop: Lunatiger's Swarovski Critters and Crafts and my second reason is to promote like crazy. But not just my stuff oh no...YOURS TOO! Yep I want to help promote you. I've learned so much from etsy and have seen truly amazing arts and crafts that it's also inspired me to do better and give back. I'm gonna start a monthly promotional listing of artists who need to be seen and if my blog can help, I'm honored to do it.

WHEW! WOW lots to do! Am I getting in way over my head???

Sorry for rambling so long, you'll see a lot of rambles from me. If your still reading this, then I thank you and urge you to go back and create!