End of October...Where To Go From Here?

It's official, without even realizing it October has gone. I hope you guys had a fab Halloween. And I realized again that getting a post from me will take months! @_@

It was certainly crazy for most of the month, keeping up with my etsy shop, job hunting, part time work, and working at my new internship. Am I crazy enough to open a second etsy shop? Perhaps, but I've been toying around with the idea for a long time. What is it you may ask? I'm going to launch my own line of artworks with my name and branding. They will be fashion base, fantasy, textile, and a mix of a whole lot of other themes I'm in love with! I did a lot of research into suppliers as well. It's not going to be just art prints. I'm toying with jewelry, and even custom fabric clutches.

Just thinking of it makes me excited. But it won't happen anytime soon, since I'm a once person show. So I'm slowly building it up. I still need to reaserch on packing supplies, creating my own logo, and try to earn a bit of start up money for the endevour. Everyone thinks selling is easy, (it is, if you're doing it once on ebay) but really for something even remotely sucessful, it's hard work. And this is a fall back system for me. I don't dream to make it big a start my own line, but since the job hunting is still ongoing and economy is still in the ruts, I might as well create something for me to look to for a bit of extra cash during the hard times. I'm surprised and flattered for the amount of support I'm getting for my shop. I don't think I would have gotten that much support if people weren't feeling the hard times themselves. It's a smart move to create a fall back system that you can control. So they tell me... Kudos to fellow online shop venders! ^_^

Well at least there's an upside to the recession for lunch...

On a positive note, I'm really happy with the sales that I've been getting on etsy so far on my Lunatiger venue. You guys rock! And I'm super happy that I can compensate for my parents on some of the bills. It makes up for what we've lost. I give all of the profits to my mother when she sells one of her swarovski crystal critters, so you're not supporting me, you're actually supporting her. And I cannot tell you how happy she is every time she makes a sale. ^_^

Here are some new products that have just been listed or will be listed:

Until next post....^_^