23 Days in Europe - Strolling Along The Rialto!

Holy Cow! @_@ Almost 2 months of neglect...Oh my poor blog, what have I done to you? Well to start my September month off. I'm jumping right back into providing stock images of Europe. And in this post it's all about Venice! ^_^

Ah my favorite city in the world. Magic, mystery, romance, not to mention Carnivale parties.
It's a city that has fully integrated the canal system to this lifestyle. There are no cars or street roads here. It's all water taxis to get you where you want to go.

We headed off to some of Venice's famous areas

Saint Mark's Square:

And the Rialto Bridge:

Wandering around the city makes it easy to get lost! Especially if you don't have a trusty map like we did...-_- But you find fascinating old nooks and alley ways even old antique stores that we wouldn't find in the tourist areas.

No Pictures! But I just can't help sneaking a snap shot of these wonderful Carnivale masks!
I admit I have an obsession with them...even brainstorming ideas to paint a series of themes based on them.

Exhausted be the end of the day? Hardly!

Until the next adventure in Europe…

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