A Blast from the Past… Some Early Drawing Attempts

I’ve found some old art work of mine when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was cringing and slightly amused at the same time, while flipping through my sketch pad, which is miraculously still intact. I don’t think many artists would even want you to look at their early drawings but I just found mines funny. I loved drawing Disney characters. I remembered I pulled most of these drawings from old Disney magazines I use to subscribe to. I worked on that Mulan figure for hours!

My parents taught me at a very early age that tracing and erasing are a big no, no. It sorta stuck with me all these years, but I’m still lenient on the erasing part. I realized as I got older, people who trace other works and pass it off as their own are absolutely shameless and an insult to artists. I think one day I have to thank them for instilling me with this thought. It provided a strong resistance to taking the easy route out, especially in the art field. You’ll be surprised at the amount of no, no’s I see in my design class.

Artist tip 101: Trust me when I say that you'll feel 1000 times better when presenting something drawn out your own hands.

28 Days in Europe…The Paris Finale in Versailles

Haven't updated in 2 weeks?...@_@Ouch...It's that pesky thing called life that gets in the way of everything doesn't it?

Looks like our days in France have almost run out. We had a blast and ran amok trying to soak in everything we could. The day before it rained, damping our Versailles trip, but I guess things worked out for the best because the next day was a perfect day to go to Versailles, sunny, not too cold or too hot. The grounds were stunning and immaculately well taken care of. It was autumn so the gardens weren’t in bloom, but I could only imagine what it would’ve looked like with the rose bushes, bursting with color. It took us a whole day to get through. And yes I was thinking of Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” movie all the way! I was totally prepared and watched that movie beforehand. I annoyingly pointed out the rooms that they shot in to my friend, who I think was more interested in French bakery shops then royal palaces.

Coincidentally, artist Jeff Koons, known for his large out of place sculptures, was features in some of the rooms of Versailles. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of his work. I would have like to see the paintings on the walls without a giant plastic lobster in the way. But nonetheless it didn’t hinder my experience too much, and Jeff Koons will be Jeff Koons.

So our last day in Paris was by far the best. Until the next post... first class seats to Italia!

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A Sunday Flicks Edition: Reminder there is Persepolis...

Back with another review, this time an animated feature film called Persepolis. Based on an autobiographical graphic novel, it tells the story of the author Marjane Satrapi and her early childhood years living within a intolerant government regime in Iran. Outspoken political beliefs are banned, western culture is looked down upon, and all woman must dress modestly including wearing the black hijab veil.

This is a French language film. But with DVD there is English dubbing. Even though it's an animated film, it's smart and poignant about the politics and war. The animated style is also refreshing. Most of the film is drawn in simple black and white colors, representing the past of the author's childhood and adolescent years. There is nothing Disney about this film, but a very honest look during the Islamic Revolution through the eyes of a person who lived through it.

For the curious...the trailer and images:

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