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Why Do You Love Art?

Art Through the Ages....

A thought hit me when I was watching a PBS program. Don't ask which, I always black out with my own thoughts. Why do I love art? Well the world revolves around art. Yeah I know it sounds a bit egocentric, but really it’s true. You see it everywhere. You can't escape it. Media, movies, ads, etc... Many would even go as far as saying it feeds our very souls (Me included).

But let’s go back to the question. I love art because I love the impact it has on people and culture. Trace it back thousands of years to where cave men use it to communicate and record their history, or when storytellers used art to communicate to illiterate people, or when political leaders used art as an influence to their campaign.

You get the idea...

There are a number of significant ways art shapes culture. I guess I love being a part of it. I love history. I love storytelling. I love communicating to the masses.

Why do you love art? Art is a relative term that doesn't have to involve painting and drawing, but something done creatively. The dictionary describes art as “Creation of beautiful things” or “techniques and craft”.

Share your thoughts!

Surprise! Surprise! A blog Award!

I was shocked and delighted to receive this Sisterhood Blog Award from Natasha AKA Thursday Sweet Treat! The sweetest person ever! Her blog radiates with inspiration and positivity that I can never go without creating something after reading one of her interviews or her posts on the latest Thursday Sweet Treat Project. If you've never been to her blog I suggest you do so immediately!

Now it comes time for me to nominate the next 5 blogs with this award. And man oh man it's super duper hard. But these 5 blogs always makes me smile whether it be their blog on everyday life or inspirational images, I'm sure they'll make you smile as well.

Meekiyu's Dream
Harmony Quest
Beholden To Nature

The rules for this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 5 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Share the love! ^_^

Off to do some creating! Till next post!

26 Days in Europe – The Tuscany Charm

***To all of Italy in regards of the earthquake that occurred on April 6th. Prayers go out to those who have been injured and to the families who have lost loved ones. We hope that we can bring the city devastated by it back to it's original state***

Siena is one of those marveled towns of Italy that seem like the Middle Ages never died. Actually most of Italy is pretty much like that. You’re surrounded by stone buildings and red brick houses, vibrating rich colors as far as the eye could see. Hardly anything in Italy is modernized which truly makes history come to life. It’s hard to choose a town that is the best but I have to say Siena has a special place in my heart.

Just 2 hours away from Florence we traveled by train then by bus, catching up with fellow tourists as they also arrived to soak in the sights. It was a bit of a dreary day but that didn’t stop us as we headed off to see the Siena cathedral or as they call all their churches, the Dumo. Out of all the Dumos in Italy Siena is by far the most beautiful there is. A massive structure with a black and white strip bell tower; it’s one of the most unique churches in Italy. The interior itself is also something to behold. You’re surrounded by so much decorative detail it’ll make your eyes water. From paintings, to statues, to mosaics, it’s really a must see in person.

I could go on and on but I won’t bore you to tears. For the most part, Siena is a day trip outside the city of Florence. Little nooks and alleyways add a lot of charm to the town. It’s easy to get lost and end up in someone’s doorstep but it’s small enough that you’ll easily find your way back again. We caught up with some local students that were just getting out from school, casually walking and joking in Italian with their buddies. You can tell they all have a playful and fun charisma about them. Art exchange student sat on the near by steps sketching away the landscape. We followed them and ended up in the Piazza Del Campo, which is the town square. It’s one of the main attractions of the town that has a huge circular opening, where you see tourist and locals alike taking it easy and sitting on the ground eating gelato. And that’s how we ended our visit, plop down on the ground, eating gelato!

Till next post…let these images inspire your creative process!

Click on the “30 Days in Europe” link to follow our travels around Europe.

Photos are free to take as stock images. Crediting is appreciated!

The Importance of "The Artist's Space"

I've been seeing a lot of photos where artists are showing off their work space and to be frank, I'm envious! But it's also made me realize that a space of your own to work on is ESSENTIAL! Quite often I don't feel any sort of motivation or drive to do art work, because my space looks like a toxic wasteland. I don't think a space should be as sterilized as the cover of Martha Stewart, (Those kinds of art studios scare me...are there artist really that neat???) but it should be somewhere you're really comfortable with.

I should really take my own a matter a fact I'm trying to do it right now.

One day my friend came over to my place and took a peek at my room...needless to say the shocked look on her face, told me all I needed to hear...which is a major overhaul cleanup.

Currently my space looks like...(please don't scream in terror)

This is only half of the room...(Don't ask about the other half) Really I think I can qualify for Extreme Home Makeover, don't you think?

But check back the next couple of....oh whenever I get this done...@_@

Artist Tip 101: A private art space of your own can do wonders for creativity! Be sure to look into it and mold that perfect area into your own. Regular clean ups are a bummer but necessary!

27 Days in Europe – Journeying the International Route…Italy Here We Come!

Needless to say we had a blessed 3 day touring of one of Europe’s most fashion forward and avant-garde cities, Paris. Now it’s time to pack our bags and head out to a city where the Renaissance movement thrived. You guessed it, Florence, Italy.

We’re traveling European style with first class seats on France’s SNF train. The total travel time of 12 hours! (With a pit stop transfer in Milan, Italy.) It does make your mind boggle on the amount of sitting we had to do, crossing countries. But it was a very pleasant experience overall, mostly due to the fact that our seats had leg room and we dozed off 90% of the time. We found it funny that the train staff miraculously changed from French to Italian right between borders. We wondered where the French staff was hiding. Maybe the Italians stuffed them in the closet? Languages suddenly switched and we found ourselves having to quickly skim our Italian dictionaries. Saying “Grazie” instead of “Merci” Luckily nowadays the universal language is English. We traveled from 7 AM – 7 PM and we were pretty tired by the end of our leg. Dropped in our amazing hostel and plopped on the bed. Next day is where the real fun begins!

How were two broke youngsters able to get their hands on first class seats you may ask? Well it was all thanks to this drawing and’s travel contest on Facebook, which enable me to win two first class train tickets of unlimited train travel for 15 days. I’m forever grateful to Eurail. I was pretty shocked that I even won something at all, but it was one of those "meant to be" moments. The topic post of that particular contest was “Which European Nationality Should You Have and Why?” There were all sorts of crazy answers, mines wasn’t any different saved my drawing which was the only leg up I had, using art to my advantage. I wanted to be an Italian Renaissance artist...a particular fantasy of mines, Hehe. There were awesome posts of people making their own youtube videos even. 5 of us were chosen and as they say the most eye-catching and original posts won. ^_^

FYI: If you’re ever heading off to Europe you can try your luck at winning Eurail passes by entering in their contest here: Eurail Facebook under discussions (Contest theme change monthly)

Another FYI: We stayed at this amazing hostel in Florence, Italy that I highly recommend to any traveler: Hostel Archi Rossi
(Don’t let the movie “Hostel” scare you. Hostels are a great budget alternative to more expensive hotel chains, a lot of the times even better! They’ve got friendly staff, free breakfast, free internet, free city tour everyday, and a private room at half the price from a standard hotel in Europe. Their walls are artfully decorated with murals. It’s catered mostly to backpackers, but family friendly as well. 5 minutes walk away from the city’s train station. With its price, I rate it 5 stars!)

Click on the “30 Days in Europe” link to follow our travels around Europe.

Europe Photos are free to take as stock images. Crediting is appreciated!