29 Days In Europe...On top of the Eiffel & An Evening of the Arts

This was the 2nd day...and we've only just begun our journey. Once the fact that we were in Paris sunk in, we roamed the streets, breathing in the Parisian air. The fact that Parisians are at the height of fashion are all true. From grandmothers, to kindergartners, everywhere we looked, they strutted the streets with chic wool coats and patent heels. The men groomed their nails in the subway (I'm not kidding)and the bums didn't even look like bums until they came up to us with a hat asking for Euros.

The Eiffel is of course a must see. With an hour wait time, I could not imagine what it would be like in the summer.

Even though our feet were killing us...well, as least mine were, after 8 hours of non-stop walking. We realize we didn't even eat lunch at all. That's how mesmerized we were. My friend and I grabbed a quick bite and off we went to the Louvre Museum for an evening of the arts. (FYI...Weds has a special opening until 9 PM with a discount.)

1 more day in Paris...what will be our next stop? Who knows...(we're young, we don't plan)

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Until the next blog countdown.

A Sunday Flicks Edition: Taking Shakespeare to Another Level

I've been a bad blogger...Last Sunday was particularly hectic for me, but I'm back with another review. I was in a strange mood for some English period movies. Browsing around I picked up the movie called “Stage Beauty” starring Claire Danes and Billy Crudup. After seeing Danes in the movie Romeo and Juliet and Stardust, I adored her ever since. I can see how every teen watched Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet can get starry eyed with romance. But “Stage Beauty” isn’t exactly a romance theme in the movie that is usually portrayed in 17th Century period films. But many have compared it to Shakespeare in Love. Remember Gwenth Paltrow pretending to be a man so that she can act? Well this is pretty much the opposite and not all lovey dovey as one might think. (A brief relief)

Taking the English stage by storm is Billy Crudup’s character Edward Kynaston a master actor in all feminine roles, in a time when it was illegal for a woman to even stand on stage. He had build his career on female parts but when King Charles decree that women are allowed to perform and men are banned from playing all female roles, he suddenly faces an identity crisis. (I kid you not) His dresser Maria (Clair Danes) who secretly has a passion for acting is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, being one of the first females to act on the English stage. A bitter Kynaston finds himself jobless, soulless, and lost about who his is.

I find it has a unique approach on the ins and outs of acting. It shows the process of acting, just like showing how an artist paints. It also deals with a strange mix of bisexual and homosexual identity during the time period. If a man was trained to play a woman all his life, would he have questions about his sexuality? Well I’m not the best person to explain this, and if you’re scratching your head and this, either intrigued or just weirded out, then I suggest you see this movie. Billy Crudup definitely brought a wonderful complexity to his characters that others could not do. And the best part is in the beginning and end sequence where Shakespeare’s play Othello is brilliantly portrayed in two different ways.

PS: Rupert Everett is the funniest King Charles I’ve ever seen.

Rated R for sexual themes.

For the intrigued Check out IMBD for more Info and trailers.

The Process of Digital Painting....Guess Who?

So I've been practicing my digital painting. I realized starting off with color went way over my head. So I've simplified it to black and white.

I'm not really a fan but I admit her luscious lips are fun to paint! ^_^

I took some caps of the process. I love recording and seeing how artists work...

Here's what I have so far. Took 2 days...

I know I know...The first one looks like Frankenstein!

I'll finish it when time stops or I've done my chores. I think the first is more likely! ^_^ LOL

Right now painting curly hair is too daunting to think about...@_@

I'm also trying to build some art pieces and plan for my second etsy shop. I hope art sells.

An Indie Version of "Sunday Flicks"

If your in the mood for some multi-lingual independent films "Clean" is one to recommend, spanning 3 cities in 3 countries in London, Vancouver, and Paris. It stars actress Maggie Cheung, known for her part in the Chinese film "Hero" and Nick Nolte. "Clean" is a film on drugs and rock and roll, following Maggie Cheung's character Emily Wang as a drug junkie trying to redeem herself after her failing rock-star husband dies from a drug over dose. She is determined to change her life to see her young son who is living with his grandparents.

Maggie Cheung proved that she could not only act but act in three different languages, English, French and Chinese. A majority of the film takes place in Paris and London, for which I found some reprieve after seeing too many "American movies" Some french sure gives me a kick after a trip from Paris. A language that was most missed after coming home. But this movie was also Maggie's shinning moment, winning best actress in the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

Rated R for a lot of cussing...

For curious film goers, here the trailer from YOUTUBE

For more info check out IMDB

30 Days in Europe....First Stop....Paris!

So this past fall I graduate from college and thought to myself "I wanna see the world." And despite having no job, no money, and no prospects, it was the perfect time to go. Economy in the dumps, having all 4 years working towards a piece of paper that says "Look I was educated!" It didn't feel like much until I experience the world. So I raised the money and brought on a buddy for this EuroTrip. It was like the movie, only I was living it. Believe me that movie doesn't seem that far fetched after all. ^_^

Even though my bank account is exhausted. I'm glad I went and saw everything I wanted to see. Art, culture, meeting different people, bunking with other travelers, sleeping in hostels...

I've literally taken 4,000 photos give or take. @_@ The miracle of digital cameras! Since it's just sitting here on my desktop, I might as well share them. (Yeah I'm one of those who are too lazy to print them out. I can't even fathom how you print 4,000 pictures)

Hopefully you can be inspired by the pictures.

First Stop Paris!

Despite what a lot of people think I found the French charming and not as snooty as everyone claimed they are. Yeah, there are strange people everywhere and maybe I'm just a New Yorker being use to it. I said it was the best and weirdest 30 days of my life. But really just a polite "Merci" and "Bonjour" and they'll smile.

(Basilica Over looking Paris) (Details of the Notre Dame)
(Art History Anyone?) (My first Creme Bruele)
(The Orsay Museum) (An Awesome Paper Cutter!)

I'm off to finished whatever the hell I need to finish... I never have enough time to do everything I want in a day. Oh and that digital piece...still working on it! -_- I'll eventually post it...

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What??? Another edition of Sunday Flicks...^_^

I was shuffling through the bargin books section in Borders. And bought "The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology" Cause I love myths and legends and fairy tale stories. So for $9.99 I found something worth my time to read. While reading through the Greek and Roman myths (which I always found fascinating) I remembered the HBO television show "ROME" was a fantastic example of Ancient Roman culture, all the while being entertaining to boot.

This Sunday I recommend HBO's "ROME" Where sex, politics, and warefare dominate and you find yourself cringing and gripping at the edge of your seat. We've all seen the history chronciling Julius Ceasar and the Roman Republic. But not HBO style! A shame that the show has been cancelled after 2 years due to its costly production. But that 2 years leaves you satisfied and learning more about Roman history then you ever did in Global Studies.

It depicts ancient rome like no other. It's nitty and gritty, from the perspective of the lower class society of Rome. Which surprisingly I find has not been told by any other kind of movies or television. You get a real feel of what ancient life was really like, and believe me, I'm glad I'm born during the 20th century!

Actors Kevin Mckidd and Ray Stevenson lead the fray as Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, two Roman soliders admist during a pivitol historic time period, while Ciaran Hinds plays the most delicious, coldest, calculating Caesar I've ever seen. Actually the entire cast is as good as it gets in the film industry. Soild acting with gorgous production designs, fabulous music score and an intelligent script. What more do you want?

If you can I recommed watching the DVD set and watching it with the Director's commentaries and "All Roads Lead to Rome" text featurette. It give a lot , and I mean A LOT of insight into Roman culture and lifestyle and the history of the time.

Tho knowning it's HBO be prepared for bloody scenes and explicit sexual exploits. But knowing it's HBO, you know that it's quality television, perfect to spend on a not so busy weekend. (You might want to scoot little ones away, from this one)

For those of you who hasn't experience ROME on HBO, go for it! If you find yourself wanting more after season 1, season 2 gets even more intense then ever.

For more info check: IMDB and Wikipiedia

Check out the trailer of Season 1 from YOUTUBE

Some images for the curious: