An Indie Version of "Sunday Flicks"

If your in the mood for some multi-lingual independent films "Clean" is one to recommend, spanning 3 cities in 3 countries in London, Vancouver, and Paris. It stars actress Maggie Cheung, known for her part in the Chinese film "Hero" and Nick Nolte. "Clean" is a film on drugs and rock and roll, following Maggie Cheung's character Emily Wang as a drug junkie trying to redeem herself after her failing rock-star husband dies from a drug over dose. She is determined to change her life to see her young son who is living with his grandparents.

Maggie Cheung proved that she could not only act but act in three different languages, English, French and Chinese. A majority of the film takes place in Paris and London, for which I found some reprieve after seeing too many "American movies" Some french sure gives me a kick after a trip from Paris. A language that was most missed after coming home. But this movie was also Maggie's shinning moment, winning best actress in the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

Rated R for a lot of cussing...

For curious film goers, here the trailer from YOUTUBE

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