A Look into 2010

It's been a crazy couple of months, and I thought I'd post so as not to seem like I perished in a blaze or anything like that. I'm very much still kicking and playing flip flop with various temp jobs and internships just to land that full time gig!

After watching the State of the Union  address, with Barack trying to be hopeful for the future, I can see that his demeanor has changed to a more cautious mood towards his fellow Americans. I can't say I blame him nor can I say that I've ever had full confidence that he will make things better. I remember the election  campaign when everyone had such high hopes and friends would look at me incredulously when I said I was not a Barack fan. (Nor a McCain fan either) They boosted about saving the economy, pulling out the troops, and reforming health care. Yet I had failed to see a plan of action to any of these, from both men. And after a year, more and more Americans started to loose their confidence in Obama's administration. Poor guy. He's inherited a lot of the burden that was leftover. I don't blame him not having reforms so quickly. But I do blame his overbearing confidence during his campaign, steering everyone with such unrealistic exceptions. That's what I have to say for the matter since, I've never had any sort of national crisis effect me more then this. 

But enough with the political nonsense! I believe nobody can change your fortune but you! On an Etsy note I've had a fab January sales month so far for 2010. It exceeded my expectations with 5 custom orders. Wedding season is upon us and it's time for some new products! Busy Busy now that I have less time with my freelance job. But I'm more hopeful for this year. It's my year after all. Year of the tiger! GO TIGERS!!! ^_^ 

Here's a custom order that was just finished:

Until next post! ^_^



February 8, 2010 at 6:07 PM

What a gorgeous bouquet!
I know where I'll get mine for sure!